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When considering organising or taking part in any awareness-raising activity, please carefully follow the COVID-19 safety restrictions that are in place in your region. COVID-19 Guidelines may change rapidly and a repository of country-specific links to official advice pages can be found on our COVID-19 page here.

The 2020 International Brain Tumour Awareness Week

International Brain Tumour Awareness Week Official GraphicThe 14th International Brain Tumour Awareness Week will be held from Saturday, 24th October 2020 to Saturday 31st October 2020 inclusive. We know how challenging it is to organise activities this year because of the pandemic. But there are still things we can all do to raise awareness of brain tumours: for example, you could do a virtual walk; contact your local media and tell them your story; post awareness messages on social media; have a Zoom tea party or quiz with friends and family to raise funds for vital brain tumour research; organise an educational webinar about brain tumours; launch educational resources online; etc. Anything, no matter how small, which you can do to raise awareness of the particular challenges of a brain tumour diagnosis and the need for a special response and an increased research effort would be greatly appreciated by the international brain tumour community.

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Organisations and individuals taking part in The International Brain Tumour Awareness Week can download a logo (shown right) to promote their activities here. (See conditions below.)

The 2020 Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours

Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours Official GraphicThe 14th Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours runs between 1 January and 31 December 2020. People are encouraged to undertake sponsored or unsponsored walks to raise awareness about brain tumours and to symbolically “donate” the mileage covered to the World Walk target of circling the Earth at the Equator (24,901 miles or 40,075 kms).

The IBTA does not wish to receive any funds raised by these walks or by other brain tumour awareness-raising activities. Funds raised should be donated to a local or national brain tumour support or research activity.

Organisations and individuals taking part in Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours can download a logo (shown right) to promote their walk here. (See conditions below.)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I only undertake a walk during the International Brain Tumour Awareness Week?

Not at all. Walks can be undertaken at any convenient time between 1 January of each year and 31 December of each year.

Is a walk the only awareness activity that should be undertaken during the Awareness Week?

No. Any appropriate activity is welcome, as long as it contributes in some way to raising community awareness about brain tumours. It could be an information seminar, a picnic, a scientific conference, a poster display in a hospital foyer, a coffee morning or tea party, a fundraising concert, or the distribution of a statement to the local media about meeting times and locations for brain tumour support groups.

Can I count the mileage from a running event in which I participated?

No. The event is the Walk Around the World For Brain Tumours and while we appreciate the enthusiasm of those who cycle, run, and skateboard for a cause, we cannot include their mileage in our world target.

A charity for an unrelated cancer has organised a walk in which I will be participating, can I direct my sponsorship funds from that walk to a brain tumour charity and my mileage to the IBTA's World Walk target?

It is preferable that the two causes not be mixed up. We do not want other charities and not-for-profit organisations accusing us of hijacking their event.

My friend goes for a three mile fitness walk every day. Can we include her mileage for the past year?

Participants should set out with the intention of walking for brain tumours, and while individual efforts are very welcome, we cannot legitimately accept mileage from past walks in which the participant did not consciously relate the walk to brain tumours before they embarked on the walk.

Should all walks be sponsored walks?

Yes, preferably, even if only a small amount of funds are raised.

Do we have to submit an official "completion" form to the IBTA for our miles to be counted towards the World Walk target?

No, all you need to do is to advise us by email of the date and location of your walk, confirm that the participants were aware they were walking to raise awareness of the challenges of brain tumours, and confirm the total walking mileage achieved. We'd love to receive some photos too, which can be uploaded to our website with a link back to your organisation. We may also include these photos and a short report of the activity in the IBTA's annual magazine, 'Brain Tumour'.

Does the IBTA have any promotional material I can use as part of my own awareness raising activities?

Yes, posters may be downloaded from our website when they have been prepared.

How can we promote the Walk and Week on our own websites?

You could put details of your awareness raising event online as soon as possible so that visitors to your site know what you are planning to do. We would appreciate it if you could also link to the IBTA's website at and make mention of the Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours and the International Brain Tumour Awareness Week on your website.

The International Brain Tumour Awareness Week occurs during an awareness day/week/month for another disease. Won’t this prevent us from obtaining any support or publicity for brain tumours?

Not at all. Whatever week is chosen, it will clash with another awareness activity in some part of the world. There should be sufficient capacity for all worthy causes to be heard. Brain tumour advocates are not seeking to take up a whole month, just seven days out of 365. For example, a static display about brain tumours in a hospital foyer during International Brain Tumour Awareness Week is unlikely to prevent displays concerning other health or cancer-related subjects being held at the same time.

Why does the IBTA not wish to receive funds raised by sponsored walks or other awareness activities?

The IBTA sees itself as a coordinating and promotional body for these brain tumour awareness-raising projects. Our foundation principles, which guide our work, can be found on our website. We do not seek to raise funds for research or support activities because we believe that this task is already being undertaken very successfully by many brain tumour charities, foundations and not-for-profit organisations around the world and we do not wish to impinge on their activities. We are keen that any funds raised through these activities are directed to brain tumour research or support organisations in your local area, or to an appropriate national organisation.

NOTE: Inclusion of other organisations' and individuals' specific activities on the Awareness Week website is at the discretion of the IBTA. Promotion of other organisations' and individuals' activities is undertaken in good faith but the IBTA takes no responsibility whatsoever for any other organisations' or individuals' activities and cannot be held liable in any way for any events held in any country in connection with the International Brain Tumour Awareness Week and the Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours.

Organisations completing one or both forms above (see links) will automatically be listed as supporters. Other organisations who wish to be listed as supporters of The IBTA’s 2020 World Walk (1 January 2020 – 31 December 2020 and the International Brain Tumour Awareness Week (24 to 31 October 2020) should contact

Please note: for your organisation or group to be a "supporter" of the Week and Walk, the IBTA requires no financial commitment or fee to be paid to us by you. All we are asking for is your enthusiasm in supporting and promoting these events and for allowing us to add your name to our list of supporters on our website and in our annual magazine, 'Brain Tumour'. Thank you.

Logo use terms: The IBTA Awareness Week / Walk supporter logos may only be used in promoting and/or commemorating these activities. The logo, if used, should stand alone. Do not alter the logo in any way such as by changing the design, colours or the proportions, or crop it or combine it within any other logo. In case it is not possible to use the correct colours due to technical limitations, use the logo in black and white.