The International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) welcomes financial support from pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device/capital equipment companies, private industry, businesses and other organisations. All sponsors are acknowledged on the IBTA website and in its publications as appropriate.

Regarding corporate sponsorships, the IBTA upholds the principles of independence, transparency, and mutual respect. Our main reason for accepting corporate funding is to further the IBTA's mission and purpose in pursuit of our vision of a world free from the fear of brain tumours.


As stated above, all funding is acknowledged on the IBTA website and in its publications as appropriate. Regardless of the sources of its funding, the IBTA’s projects are totally independent and uninfluenced by those sources so that the integrity of our work remains beyond question.

With specific regard to industry funding, we endeavour to fund our activities and projects with unrestricted grants from multiple companies where feasible.

The welfare of and optimal treatment for brain tumour patients remains our primary focus and concern so that ultimately, every brain tumour patient will be able to access the highest possible standard of care.  Therefore, it is within our remit to advocate for clinically efficacious treatments.  It is recognised that there may be times when the IBTA will campaign for the availability of a treatment produced and promoted by a company from which the organisation has received funding in the past or is currently receiving funding, and the nature of this relationship will be fully declared.
No matter what the source of its funding, the IBTA retains copyright and full editorial control over all its publications, projects, conferences, Summits, meetings and printed materials.

This also applies when working with public relations, public policy, advertising and marketing agencies employed by funding companies or participating in any public media campaigns regarding issues of relevance and importance to brain tumour patients, families and caregivers. The IBTA welcomes the IFPMA Code of Practice, the EFPIA Code of Practice on relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organisations and other relevant international and national guidelines governing relationships between pharmaceutical/diagnostic/medical device/capital equipment manufacturers and patient organisations and endeavours to work within their recommendations. Where required by the relevant Code of Practice, materials produced by the IBTA may be subject to the company’s certification process. In such cases alterations may only be suggested to ensure the materials comply with the relevant Code of Practice. Any such recommended alterations will not jeopardise the editorial independence and transparency of the IBTA.

Company sponsorship will be publicly acknowledged and, where appropriate, the companies will be kept regularly informed of the progress of the initiative they are supporting.

At the same time, transparency is fundamental to any funds that are accepted by the IBTA to ensure that government, the public, industry, and above all patients and their caregivers, are fully aware of any commercial arrangement that the IBTA has negotiated.

 All companies with which the IBTA collaborates will be made aware of this policy and must agree to work within its principles.

Date of review: 27.03.20


If your company is interested in supporting the IBTA through a grant, please contact