Below is a list of the major international or national clinical trial registries available online. Please note that not all registries might include brain tumour clinical trials at the moment, but do consult these periodically as the situation for listings changes over time.

There are also many other websites providing information about trials at individual hospitals or for individual types of brain tumour, and many national patient organisations also provide access to information about clinical trials.

There is no one totally comprehensive website - although is generally accepted as the best in this respect – and there is considerable overlap in coverage between the sites. It is important to check the sources utilised by each. Some of the sites may have commercial elements to them.

Ease of searching the websites varies. In some, there is a “controlled vocabulary” (ie one can select from a drop-down list) but in others it may be necessary to search for all likely synonyms and American as well as European spelling (this may be possible via a “wild card” search, for example using the word and asterisk: tumo*).

Some of these links provide matching services whereby patients can register their interest in taking part in clinical trials for their condition.

If you know of a clinical trial registry or database which is not listed, please email us at



WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)

The ISRCTN Registry


Clinical Trials Feeds

Clinical Trial Facts

Patients Like Me

NHS Choices

Trial Reach

Trials Central



Pan African Clinical Trials Registry

South African National Clinical Trial Register



Chinese Clinical Trial Registry (in Chinese and English)

National Clinical Research Coordination Center (in Korean and English)

The Clinical Trials Registry - India

Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry



Australian Cancer Trials

Australian Clinical Trials

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry

Cancer Trials Australia

Cancer Trials New Zealand



EU Clinical Trials Register Website hosted by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

EORTC Brain Tumour Group Website of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer.

Internet Portal of the German Clinical Trials Register (DRKS)

Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials

The Portal of the Clinical Research with Medicines of the Italian Medicines Agency (no functioning online portal)

Nederlands Trial Register (in Dutch)

Cancer Research UK

UK Clinical Trials Gateway


North America

National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research - Neuro-Oncology Branch

Health Canada (in English and French)


Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups


Radiation Therapy Oncology Group


South America

Brazilian Clinical Trials Registry (in Portuguese, Spanish and English)

Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials (in Spanish and English)

Last updated 5 June 2015