The IBTA is led by people with first-hand experience of living with a brain tumour. The list below of our supporters gives a sense of the IBTA’s extensive reach and the notable work our members do. This can be in the most challenging of environments, for example where healthcare, medicines and equipment for brain tumour treatments and care do not exist, are in short supply or not accessible equitably. We know that by working together with other organisations and initiatives we can achieve more.

Map of supporters and the

IBTA's Brain Tumour magazine distribution

Map legend:

Green = countries of the world where brain tumour patient and caregiver advocacy organisations that work or have worked with the IBTA are located. Clicking / tapping on a green pin marker will zoom in and show links to the organisations located in the country.

Yellow and green = countries of the world where the IBTA's Brain Tumour magazine is distributed

Plus / Minus = zoom in / out. Click and drag the map to move when zoomed in.

Map explanation:

The map shows countries of the world in green where brain tumour patient and caregiver advocacy organisations that work or have worked with the IBTA are located.  The IBTA also distributes its free magazine, Brain Tumour, in 113 countries, including those where its supporters are based. Brain Tumour magazine reaches deep into the international brain tumour community and covers stories from patients, family members, caregivers, healthcare specialists, researchers, scientists and professional societies. Between 13,000 and 14,000 thousand copies of Brain Tumour magazine are printed annually and approximately 10,000 are mailed for free directly to contacts on the IBTA’s unique database. The remainder of the magazines are distributed at major neuro-oncology, cancer and patient conferences throughout the year.


A Kid's Brain Tumour Cure (AKBTC) (United States) ● ACT Brain Tumour Network (Australia) ● Addi’s Faith Foundation (United States) ● Adult Brain Cancer Support Association of South Australia ● AITC - Associazione Italiana Tumori Cerebrali ONLUS (Italy) ● Ali's Dream (United Kingdom) ● Alinoe (France) ● All.Can All.can ● American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) ● Andrew McCartney Trust Fund (United Kingdom) ● Angels Among Us (United States) ● Anna’s Hope (United Kingdom) ● ARTC Paris (France) ● ARTC Sud (France) ● Association of People Affected by Brain Tumors in Spain - ASATE (Spain) ● Associazione Italiana di Neuro-Oncologia - AINO (Italy) ● Associazione Italiana Tumori Cerebrali ONLUS (Italy) ● Astro Brain Tumour Fund (United Kingdom) ● Australian Pituitary Foundation ● b.r.a.i.n.child (Brain Tumour Research, Assistance and Information Network – Canada) ● BC Cancer Agency (Canada) ● Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation (United States) ● Benny’s World (United States) ● Beyin Tumori Tedavisi (Turkey) ● Brad Kaminsky Foundation (United States) ● Brain and Spine Foundation (United Kingdom) ● Brain Trekking (Hong Kong) ● Brain Tumor Epidemiology Consortium ● Brain Tumor Foundation (United States)  ● Brain Tumor Fund for the Carolinas (United States) ● Brain Tumor Support Group of Northeast Florida (USA) ● Brain Tumour Action (Scotland) ● Brain Tumour AhoyHoy (Australia) ● Brain Tumour Alliance Australia ● Brain Tumour Association (Western Australia) ● Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada ● Brain Tumour Foundation of India ● Brain Tumor Foundation of Pakistan ● Brain Tumour Ireland ● Brain Tumor Network (United States) ● Brain Tumour North West – BTNW (United Kingdom) ● Brain Tumour Research (United Kingdom) ● Brain Tumour Research Campaign – BTRC (United Kingdom) ● Brain Tumour Society (Singapore) ● Brain Tumour Support (United Kingdom) ● Brain Tumor Support Group and Awareness Foundation (Bhopal, India) ● Brain Tumor Support NZ (New Zealand) ● Braincare BC, British Columbia Cancer Agency (Canada) ● Brainchild Foundation (Australia) ● BrainLife (Italy) ● Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky (United States) ● Brains Together for a Cure (United States) ● Brainstrust (United Kingdom) ● Brainwaves (Northern Ireland) British Acoustic Neuroma Association (United Kingdom) ● California Brain Tumor Association (United States) ● Can ce Tu (Belgium) ● Cancer Council Australia ● Cancer Council Queensland Brain Tumour Support Group (Australia) ● Cancer Research and Communications Organization (Kenya) ● Cancer World ● Capitulo de Neurocirugia Oncologica de la Federacion Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Neurocirugia – FLANC (Latin America) ● Capitulo de Neurooncologia y Base de Craneo de la Asociacion Colombiana de Neurocirugia - ACNCx (Colombia) ● Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States (CBTRUS) ● Central New Jersey Brain Tumor Support Group - CNJBTSG (United States) ● Centre de Recherche Public de la Sante - CRP-Sante - Luxembourg ● Centre for Analysis of Rare Tumors - CART-WHEEL.org (Australia) ● CHANCE (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr) Association (Lebanon) ● Charlie's Challenge (United Kingdom) ● Childhood Brain Tumour Association of Taiwan (CBTA) ● Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre Nottingham (UK) ● Childrens Brain Tumor Foundation (United States) ● Chinese University of Hong Kong Otto Wong Brain Tumour Centre ● Chordoma Foundation (United States) ● Clinica Chicamocha de Bucaramanga (Colombia) ● Clowns in the Sky (United Kingdom) ● Collaborative Ependymoma Research Network (CERN) Foundation (United States) ● Cullather Brain Tumor Quality of Life Center (USA) ● Cure Brain Cancer Foundation (Australia) ● Cyprus Brain Tumour Association (CBTA) ● Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe eV (Germany) ● Dr Marnie Rose Foundation (United States) ● Edinburgh Centre for Neuro-Oncology (United Kingdom) ● Emory Brain Tumor Support Group (United States) ● End Brain Cancer Initiative (United States) ● Epidermoid Brain Tumour Society (United States) ● European Association of Neuro-Oncology (EANO) ● European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) ● Fighting Ependymoma ● Florida Brain Tumor Association (United States) ● Fondazione Heal (Italy) ● Fundacja Glioma-Center (Poland) ● GEINO (Spanish Group for Investigation in Neuro-Oncology) ● Gerry and Nancy Pencer Brain Tumor Centre (Canada) ● GFME (France) ● GLIA (Croatia) ● Gray Matters Foundation (United States) ● Grey Matters (Australia) ● Head for the Cure Foundation (United States) ● Healing Exchange Brain Trust (United States) ● Hersenletsel.nl (The Netherlands) ● Hersentumor.nl (The Netherlands) ● Hjernesvulstforeningen (Norway) ● HjernetumorForeningen (Denmark) ● Il Fondo di Gio ONLUS (Italy) ● Imagine for Margot (France) ● IRENE Onlus (Italy) ● Irish Brain Tumour Support Group ● Italia - Glioblastoma Multiforme - cancro al cervello (Italy) ● Jacob's Hope Foundation for Brain Tumours and Other Cancers (Cameroon) ● Japan Brain Tumour Alliance (JBTA) ● Japan Pediatric Brain Tumor Network ● Jeffrey Thomas Hayden Foundation (United States) ● Kartu Lengviau (Lithuania) ● Katie McKerracher Trust (United Kingdom) ● Kinderkrebs Schweiz (Switzerland) ● Korean Brain Tumor Society ● Kortney Rose Foundation (United States) ● League Against Cancer, County PGZ-Rijeka (Croatia) ● Levi's Star Children's Brain Tumour Charity (United Kingdom) ● Liverpool Hospital Brain Tumour Education and Support Group (Australia) ● Making Headway (United States) ● Mark Linder Walk for the Mind (United States) ● mASS Kickers (United States) ● Matthew Larson Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Foundation (United States) ● Meagan's Hug: Creating a Circle of Hope (Canada) ● Medical University of Vienna, Neurooncology Team (Austria) ● Meningioma Mommas (United States) ● Monmouth and Ocean County Brain Tumor Support Group (United States) ● Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc (United States) ● Naseem's Manx Brain Tumour Charity (Isle of Man) ● National Brain Tumor Society (United States) ● National Hospital Development Foundation (UK) ● NCI-CONNECT (United States)● Neurooncological Section of the Argentine Society of Cancerology ● New Zealand Brain Tumour Trust ● Newro Foundation (Australia) ● Nick Gonzalez Foundation for Brain Tumor Research (United States) ● Oklahoma Brain Tumor Foundation (United States) ● Oligocyte Bretagne Ouest (France) ● OligoNation (United States) ● Oscar's Angels (France) and Oscar’s Angels Italia ● Our Brain Bank (United States) ● Pakistan Society of Neuro-Oncology (PASNO) ● Peace of Mind Foundation (Australia) ● Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (United States) ● Philippines Brain Tumour Alliance ● PPR Foundation (United Kingdom) ● PVW Brain Tumor Foundation (Hong Kong) ● Rainbows and Smiles (South Africa) ● Robert Connor Dawes Foundation (Australia) ● Romanian Society of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology ● San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation (United States) ● Schweizer Hirntumor Stiftung / Swiss Brain Tumor Foundation (Switzerland) ● Society for Neuro-Oncology - SNO ● Sontag Foundation (United States) ● Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation (United States) ● Spinal Cord Tumour Forum (United Kingdom) ● STOPhersentumoren.nl (The Netherlands) ● Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research - SSBTR (United States) ● Swedish Brain Tumor Association (Svenska hjärntumörföreningen) ● Swifty Foundation ● Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group North Shore Private Hospital (Australia) ● Tali's Fund (Canada) ● Taylan’s Project (United Kingdom) ● Team Billy (United States) ● Teenage Cancer Trust (United Kingdom) ● The Alicia Pueyo Fund/Fondo Alicia Pueyo (Spain) ● The Brain Tumour Charity (United Kingdom) ● The Caroline Fund (United States) ● The Cure Starts Now Foundation (United States) ● The Indian Society of Neuro Oncology - ISNO ● The Tanner Seebaum Foundation (United States) ● Thorne Mason Trust (United Kingdom) ● Tuberous Sclerosis Association (United Kingdom) ● Tug McGraw Foundation (United States) ● Universidad de Santander – UDES (Spain) ● Voices Against Brain Cancer (United States)  ● Werkgroep Hersentumoren (Belgium) ● Worcestershire Brain Tumour Support Group (United Kingdom) ● Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity (UK) ● Zimbabwe Brain Tumour Association (ZBTA)

(Please note: for an organisation or group to be a "supporter" of the International Brain Tumour Alliance’s work the IBTA requires no financial commitment or membership fee to be paid to us by you.  All we ask is for:

  1. Your enthusiasm in supporting and promoting awareness raising of the challenges of brain tumours
  2. Your support of the IBTA’s Statement of Principles (see https://theibta.org/governance/)
  3. Permission for your organisation's name to be added to our list of supporters on our website and any other digital or hard copy publications.

Organisations wishing to be listed as supporters of the IBTA's work should contact: info@theibta.org