The Brain Tumour Patients’ Charter of Rights

The Brain Tumour Patients’ Charter of Rights is intended to address brain tumour inequalities across countries. It is also meant to stimulate debate and discussion. We hope that the Charter goals are shared by us all whether we are healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers or advocates.

The Charter can provide everyone with an aspirational framework for improving healthcare systems and communications - goals which we hope will help reduce inequalities from country to country and support better outcomes.

The Charter is an organic, partly aspirational document, intended to evolve as progress is made. It is meant to be a positive tool that can be used by all sectors of the international brain tumour community. It is a living document and will be reviewed annually.

The Charter is not solely a project of the IBTA but an effort on behalf of many patient advocacy organisations in the international brain tumour community who have contributed to its development. The Charter has been created through a collaborative and iterative process.

Download the Charter in full here (pdf)

A Portuguese translation of the Charter can be downloaded here (pdf)

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A Charter Toolkit is available

The Brain Tumour Patients’ Charter of Rights aims to inspire advocacy and collective action to improve the lives of people with brain and central nervous system (CNS) tumours all over the world. A Toolkit for use with the Charter is also available here and sets out ways in which all stakeholders in the brain tumour journey can apply the elements of the Charter to not only increase awareness of the challenges of brain tumours but to also bring about positive change for brain tumour patients and caregivers.

A sample press release announcing the launch of this pivotal document is available for organisations to customise and distribute via their news channels here 

Accompanying images for promoting the Charter via social media channels can be downloaded here for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Right click image and select 'Save as').

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We welcome volunteers to translate the Charter

In order to maximise dissemination and use of The Brain Tumour Patients’ Charter of Rights around the world, we warmly welcome volunteers to translate the Charter document and Charter toolkit into various languages.

If you are interested in helping translate the Charter, please contact

Guidelines for translators can be downloaded here.

Did you know?

The Charter cover design symbolises both a neural network and also the network of brain tumour organisations - patient and medical professional -  around the world. The background of the cover and inside page borders are in grey which, of course, is the advocacy and awareness colour for brain tumours.