The IBTA is a not-for-profit, limited liability company no. 6031485 registered in England and Wales. The registered office is: Roxburghe House, 273-287 Regent Street, London W1B 2AD, UK.

Its objects, lodged with Companies House in London, UK are to achieve for brain tumour patients, their families and their carers a wider public recognition of the specific challenges which they face in dealing with their disease and to:

  • encourage and assist the facilitation of moves towards greater collaboration between brain tumour support, advocacy and information groups;
  • cooperate with like-minded organisations and individuals, including relevant government agencies, health professional organisations, pharmaceutical companies, cancer organisations, clinicians and research institutes and other patient advocacy organisations;
  • assist those in the international brain tumour community who reside in countries where brain tumour support, advocacy and information groups do not exist in order to help ensure that no-one who is living with a brain tumour feels isolated and forgotten;
  • encourage and support the creation of brain tumour/Central Nervous System (CNS) support groups in countries where they do not exist;
  • seek a greater emphasis by research bodies in identifying causes of brain tumours and the development of more effective therapies, seek to encourage more collaboration among researchers to reduce duplication and seek a greater input of funding from the community;
  • advocate for the development of improved access to multi-disciplinary specialist range of services, including palliative care, rehabilitation (including but not limited to speech, neuro-psychology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy) and psychological support to ensure that services are at all times appropriate to the needs of people living with a brain tumour and their families;
  • support the development and implementation of a system of standardised data collection of benign, low-grade and malignant CNS tumours to serve as a foundation for research that promotes improved care and treatment which ultimately leads to cures and which also inform service delivery;
  • support the development of a database of research projects relevant to brain tumours and encouragement to all those undertaking such research to be members of their relevant professional organisation;
  • encourage each group in the collaboration project to continue to serve the brain tumour community in accordance with their own purpose and also where appropriate encourage each participating group to contribute to the power of single collaboration effort for the good of brain tumour patients, their families and carers;
  • seek to instil a greater measure of hope within the international brain tumour community by celebrating the courage and achievements of brain tumour survivors, sharing knowledge and working together to achieve progress;
  • support those charged with the responsibility for developing an appropriate international collaborative structure so the Objects may be achieved.