The International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) is the only global network for brain tumour patient organisations and others involved in the field of neuro-oncology.

We receive no government grants or statutory funding and are wholly dependent on the generosity of people who support our vital work.

Please consider making a donation to help us with our advocacy and awareness raising activities. Your generosity can help us to:

  • increase information and support facilities for patients and caregivers. We work with local people to help set up new brain tumour patient groups in countries where they don’t yet exist;
  • share and disseminate knowledge, information and best practice through our website, communications and publications;
  • raise international awareness of this devastating disease by involving our worldwide community in the IBTA’s two main global events: ‘International Brain Tumour Awareness Week’ (end of October/beginning of November each year) and ‘The Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours’ (from 1 January to 31 December each year);
  • shape health and research policies and practice nationally and internationally, representing the brain tumour patient and carer voice at government and regulatory levels as well as at high profile international scientific conferences, committees and meetings.

For further details of the IBTA’s activities, please see:

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Any amount you are able to give will go towards ensuring that the IBTA’s important work for brain tumour patients and carers around the world continues.

Thank you.


(Please note that the IBTA does not itself raise funds or distribute grants for brain tumour research or for individual patient support or treatments.)


Online: through this website by making a secure on-line payment via PayPal. Just click on the ‘donate’ button at the top of this page and follow the instructions.

By post: by sending a cheque or international money order made out to ‘The International Brain Tumour Alliance - IBTA’ and mailed to:

The International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA)
PO Box 244
KT20 5WQ
United Kingdom

Please note: To minimise currency conversion and bank charges your cheques and international money orders must be in UK Sterling (GBP). We are sorry that we can’t accept cheques or international money orders in other currencies. Please do not send cash through the mail.

By direct bank transfer: electronically from your bank to the IBTA’s UK bank account in UK Sterling (GBP), US Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR).  Further details are available on request from

Please note, your electronic transfer may be subject to bank charges and the IBTA cannot be responsible for these.