Walk Around The World Reaches Record Total

By 5th March 2015IBTA News

Walk Total_2014

[5 March 2015]  We are delighted to announce that the 2014 Walk Around The World For Brain Tumours campaign amassed a record total of 322,527 miles (519,057 km) which is equivalent to walking 13 times around the globe at the equator.  Over 38 organisations from around the world held a total of 113 walks, raising awareness of brain tumours and valuable funds for research.

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

In an effort to light a firecracker – no less a candle in the darkness – the IBTA launched the first Walk Around The World For Brain Tumours in 2007. The awareness-raising campaign was a resounding success with 83 walks in 18 countries and regions across the globe amassing a total of 114,167 km. Fast forward eight years and the 2014 total has exceeded the inaugural event by over 4.5 times – an outstanding achievement by all involved. Information and photos from many of the 2014 walks will be covered in the forthcoming issue of Brain Tumour magazine, set to be published later this year.

The 2015 Walk Around The World For Brain Tumours campaign is already underway with several walks now being planned. Find out more about the 2015 campaign and how you can participate here.

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