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By 6th April 2016 IBTA News

[6 April 2016] A new interactive map has been added to Our Alliance page. The scalable map gives links to the brain tumour patient organisations in the IBTA Alliance and shows the countries (111) in which the annual IBTA magazine, Brain Tumour, is distributed.

The IBTA AllianceThese organisations are part of the IBTA global network, which is a dynamic worldwide community for brain tumour patient organisations and others involved in the field of neuro oncology. We work with Alliance supporters, prospective supporters, researchers, medical professionals, pharmaceutical and device companies, government agencies, regulators, medical societies, key opinion leaders, the media and others involved in the neuro oncology community.  Bringing together experience and expertise from all over the world, we have the overarching aim of enhancing the well-being and quality of life of brain tumour patients and their families.

IBTA's annual publication, Brain Tumour magazine, reaches deep into the international brain tumour community and covers stories from patients, family members, carers, healthcare specialists, researchers, scientists and professional societies. Between 13,000 and 14,000 thousand copies of Brain Tumour magazine are printed and approximately 10,000 are mailed for free directly to contacts on the IBTA’s unique database.

To find out more and to explore the IBTA Alliance via our new map, please click here.

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