‘Value Frameworks’ should focus on outcomes that matter to patients, report finds

By 30th November 2017 September 3rd, 2018 IBTA News

IBTA co-director Kathy Oliver has co-authored a recent article published in the journal Health Expectations which argues that ‘value frameworks’ used to inform treatment decisions should focus on the outcomes that matter most to patients. Value frameworks are the tools used to assess the “value” of treatment based on calculating the cost of various care options and comparing them to the anticipated health benefit. In this report, the authors considered the various methodologies used to assess the value of cancer therapies around the world. They found that many frameworks unfortunately only reflect the clinically focused values held by health-care professionals, rather than the priorities of the person who has cancer.

The paper’s authors call on framework developers, the patient advocacy and research communities, the health-care industry and decision-makers to undertake specific actions to ensure patient value is included in current and future value frameworks. This, they say, is justified on both compassionate and economic grounds. Better health outcomes result when patients receive treatment tailored to their individual needs. Paying attention to the patient perspective also results in better use of resources—a goal that should appeal to all.

Read the paper in full here.

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