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[31 January 2019] The IBTA's monthly e-News has been released and has emailed to all subscribers. To sign up to receive your copy, click here.

You can also read the IBTA e-News January 2019 edition in full online here.

Some of the highlights from this month's round-up:

  • New research has identified sex differences in glioblastoma, suggesting that tailoring treatments to men and women, based on the molecular subtypes of their tumours, may improve survival for all patients.
  • An article in the magazine Cancer World highlights recent advances in the molecular profiling of brain metastases by analysing circulating tumour cells (CTCs).
  • In a report published in Nature, researchers say they have shown that a personalized ‘neoantigen’ vaccine can spur a response against glioblastoma.
  • Australian researchers are developing a blood test which they hope will monitor brain tumours more accurately and allow doctors to assess whether they are stable or growing
  • Research published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research has found  B7-H3 is a promising target for CAR-T cell therapy in paediatric brain tumours.
  • A research team at the University of Oxford, UK, has launched a survey on clinical trial participation as part of an initiative called The Rare Cancer Project, which is seeking responses from people living in the UK living with a brain tumour. The survey aims to capture information about clinical trial enrolment from the perspective of patients, legal guardians and caregivers.
  • A Californian brain tumour patient who did not qualify as a clinical trial participant is set to become the first person to access an experimental treatment under the United States’ controversial Right to Try Act.
  • A systematic literature review shows that there is a small but growing body of neuro-oncology related research from Nigeria.

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