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[1 April 2020] The IBTA's monthly e-News has been released and has emailed to all subscribers. To sign up to receive your copy, click here.

You can also read the IBTA e-News March 2020 edition in full online here.

Some of the highlights from this month's round-up:

  • A special focus on COVID-19 and how its effects on the global brain tumour community, including announcing the launch of the our Covid-19 information page here.
  • A virtual trial called Beat19, sponsored by cancer research organisation xCures and created in collaboration with Cancer Commons, has been set up to collect symptoms and outcomes from 100,000 people over the next few weeks so as to generate data to help beat the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
  • The Musella Foundation is launching a webinar series goes live 7pm ET (USA) Sunday 5 April, 2020, with the first session looking at Brain Tumour Patients and the COVID-19 Crisis.
  • The German Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) has announced that it has updated its directive for Contracted Medical Care to include Tumor Treating Fields, establishing national reimbursement for Optune in newly diagnosed glioblastoma under the country’s compulsory health insurance system.
  • A population-based analysis of brain tumour survival in patients under 19 years old and published in Scientific Reports has found that black and Hispanic patients (with either primary or metastatic brain tumours) had a higher risk of death compared to white, non-Hispanic patients.
  • According to a study published in Science Advances, researchers have used 3D bioprinting technology to create miniature brain tumour ‘spheroids’ from patients’ glioblastoma tissue, which are designed to closely model how glioblastoma tumours  behave in the human brain.
  • A study published in Nature has detailed how glioma tumours alter the behaviour and connections of the surrounding healthy brain cells in ways to promote the tumour’s own growth.

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